Adventure in Malaysia; Mimaland

This is a random trip with my friends. We are just having a teh-tarik break near Wangsamaju. We talked a lot since my friend just came back from Australia, suddenly this idea came up to me to actually go adventure somewhere near our area. And so, one of us suggested Mimaland. If you guys have no idea what’s Mimaland, it’s a popular recreation park (amusement park?) early 1980 -ish. It was closed down due to several reason. (Feel free to Google yourself.) OR you could read this article written by Oh! Media right over here. 

We actually saw the article before hand and have this though but never get our ass up to do it. Now is our chance. I am not going to put some photo up for comparison since I never went before it was closed down and won’t know what’s what actually. So yeah.

And on we go. The road is bumpy as we followed the Waze GPS all the way through the mountain area in the middle of the city. At first we are not sure if we are on the right track as the road is pretty small and thank god we are driving a small car that can fit into the size of the road. Wonder what will happened if we drove a bigger car in. As we finally reach the destination, we are kinda shock to see it still there.


This is how the entrance look like.


One of the security guard room (Or I presume)


Inside the security guard room. (There’s a safe inside)


A little further in, we found out the signature van that’s being left inside the place. As you could see from the photo itself, the metal (mostly) are being taken away. Left over with just the main frame of the van.


All the roots and grass overgrown.


Further in, we found out a pumping station. According to my friend it’s a sliding thingy for people to water slide from a tall place. That’s the beginning of the slide.


The outside of the pumping station.


Inside for the pumping station.


A little bit more down, we found out an used to be restaurant beside a lake. Or at least it used to be.

And while we are trying to take more shot and adventure further in, we are being called by the security guard to head back to entrance as he wanted to have his lunch. (I believe is because his boss wanted him to chase us out. haha)

It’s too bad that we have to leave early as we expected to see more and we presume we only reach not even a quarter of the whole place. Well perhaps next time, next time we could actually visit the whole place.

Anyway feel free to check this album out on my Flickr.

Until then.

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