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Removing default eyes from DD

I recently got a second hand Shijyo Takane from Mandarake. With a bit stain on the neck the price is pretty good IMHO. I’ve always wanted to try on some other eye resin, so today I’ve decided to try it out myself. Volk’s default head comes with default eye resin which are factory made. They are nice allright, but I…

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So it’s finally time to introduce my daughter to the world after she is born June of last year. Today I will briefly introduce her and her personality to the you guys. I have chosen DDH-07 eye-opened Normal skin head. Cause the head itself give me a *cool* and *お嬢様* kinda feel. For those who can’t read kanji it means…

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Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016

  Last update on this blog was so long time ago, now that I got myself a new desktop I think I can finally update my photo from my camera memory card and upload some of it to the blog. The last event that I went was actually Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016. I had been looking forward for this event for…

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