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Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016

  Last update on this blog was so long time ago, now that I got myself a new desktop I think I can finally update my photo from my camera memory card and upload some of it to the blog. The last event that I went was actually Dollism Plus Tokyo 2016. I had been looking forward for this event for…

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Japan Trip – Food

Well finally it’s time to talk about the most serious topic of all, food eh? (runs Since this is a really budget tight trip, my food budget at Japan is also budget, my average food budget is around 800 yen. It won’t go above 1000 yen. Please do take note that most of the shop. I believe is all, comes…

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Japan Trip – Internet Cafe

So I started my 12 days journey to Japan with a friend of mine Chris and I think I will separate out all the interesting stuff and put it in different post. I’ll put them all under the Japan Trip category. I took the flight from KL 3PM and reaching there around 10:30PM (30 ~ 45 minutes earlier than we…

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