Removing default eyes from DD

I recently got a second hand Shijyo Takane from Mandarake. With a bit stain on the neck the price is pretty good IMHO. I’ve always wanted to try on some other eye resin, so today I’ve decided to try it out myself.


Volk’s default head comes with default eye resin which are factory made. They are nice allright, but I wanted to try on other’s and see how it fits her. The problem with Volk’s head is that they hot glued it, it will be a bit risky removing it. There are a lot of ways that I learned from the net, heating up with hair dryer, and slowly pull it out. But there are also another way which is forcing it out.

starting to peel off

So I’ve decided to give later a try. I twisted the head a bit, left and right to loosen the hot glue, and after a bit of trying. It finally gave up and loosen up. From there it is just a bit pf peeling and putting some force at the edge of the hot glue.

A bit scary to be honest.

After a while it will come out. But be careful not the scratch the eyes as they are easily scratched.

How the head looks like without the eyes.

After pulling the default eyes off, I took out ronronshuka eyes and tried on her. Sadly it is too big to fit that face, so it looks really weird. I will try to get a smaller eyes next event and see if it fits her more.

Trying out new eyes.

Eyes are too big

Well that’s it for now. I will update more next time! See you guys later!

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