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Adventure in Malaysia; Mimaland

This is a random trip with my friends. We are just having a teh-tarik break near Wangsamaju. We talked a lot since my friend just came back from Australia, suddenly this idea came up to me to actually go adventure somewhere near our area. And so, one of us suggested Mimaland. If you guys have no idea what’s Mimaland, it’s…

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Comic Fiesta 2013 @ KLCC

And it’s the year again where all the ACG fans around Malaysia gather around KL to meetup and celebrate this awesome event. This year we have a few guest and a bit more cosplayer guest than previous year. *Spoiler alert, there’s not much cosplay photos in this post* We have Yugene Fay from Japan.  Onnie from Thailand. Stayxxxx from Taiwan…

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