Wallpaper of the month (November 2014)

Been a couple of month since I last updated my blog. So this month’s wallpaper of the month would be Love live!

Been playing School Idol android games for months. To be honest, I just wanted to unlock one song “No Brand Girls” else I won’t be spamming and grinding the level.


Soon soon.

But fear not, I am level 49 and the song will be unlocked at level 50. Soon.

Anyway back to topic. I stumble upon this wallpaper recently and I decided to use it. First though when I use it. Oh mai gawd, so colourful. XD

But well it look nice anyway. So yea.


The artist to be credited is カラモネーゼ and the original photo link is right over here.

Meanwhile the wallpaper for the phone I used this Katana theme JK’s picture. The first photo link is right over here, while the second link is right over here. Both of them are done by same artist, KD


Those eyes



Welp that position is right on spot. XD

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