Wallpaper of the month (September 2014)

Been a while since I last updated my blog, here’s a dose of my wallpaper of the month.

Side note, I have shifted my VPS to a Japan webhosting, hence I lost all my photos from migrating. Such painful experience. Nevertheless, I am lazy to update back all the old photos. So I guess I’ll leave it be for now. I also lost all my camera photos in my old hard disk, that pain.

From now onward I’ll add in wallpaper for my phone too.

I believe this drawing is for one of the member for a band. I am not sure myself since my Japanese is half-baked. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Check out high resolution here. Drawn by Ryota-H



For the home screen I changed to Google now launcher since I am sick of MiUi interface. As for the wallpaper I used wallpaper for God Eater 2 drawn by

home screen

home screen

This week somehow related to train. Feel free to checkout the original post at pixiv. drawn by 藤原.


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