About us

– Who are we?

We are a group of BJD enthusiast who wishes to bring you the latest news and information all about BJD. Our aim to bring all the news regarding BJD mainly from Japan to all over the world.

– Where are we based in?

The owner, vantoria is based in Japan right now, and we have a team of writer, dedicate their time to write the article which vantoria will translate from Japanese to English.

– Are we being paid?

No, we are doing this because we love BJD and wish to share more news regarding BJD, however, there might be some ads to be added to the website to maintain the server fees etc. I might be adding a donation button in future if you wish to help us more in terms of financially. vantoria.net is not a for-profit web portal.

– Is the news reliable?

We will mainly grab the information from website/social media. We will try to translate it as close to the original meaning, but rest assured, we will try to bring you the news which is reliable!

If you have any question feel free to contact us using this contact form.

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