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Volks delayed several events/releases due to Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Hagibis is landing on Japan this weekend. Due to concerns for the safety of its customers, Volks has announced the delay of several upcoming events and releases. The events which are supposed to happen this weekend, DD Gathering 2019 and the nation-wide release of the October Outfit Collection, will be delayed to next Saturday(October …

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Dollfie Dream collaboration doll with Fate/go pre-order starting this Saturday

Volks is starting to accept pre-order for DD model Mashu Kyrielight and female version of default player character model. Both of the models are expected to be released around spring of 2020. Each of the prices is 65,000 and 62,000 without tax. You can start pre-order from this link this weekend. You can pre-order it …

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Granado Doll’s prototype being recasted by Vietnam’s Doll maker?

Reputation doll maker, Granado recently release a shocking announcement stating that one of the doll seller who is located in Vietname are stealing their prototype and making it their own. According to the Facebook post announcement, the company claims that the representative from LuxDoll (the accused party of stealing their prototype) requested them to made …

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