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Granado Doll’s prototype being recasted by Vietnam’s Doll maker?

Reputation doll maker, Granado recently release a shocking announcement stating that one of the doll seller who is located in Vietname are stealing their prototype and making it their own.

According to the Facebook post announcement, the company claims that the representative from LuxDoll (the accused party of stealing their prototype) requested them to made a female body and only paid a fraction of the promised amount. After the prototype was being made, the person in charge over in LuxDoll wanted Granado to send over the prototype doll so he/she can convince more investor.

Detailed screenshot of the mail conversation.

They trusted the person in charge and decided to send over the doll as promised. And what comes after that was just emails, messages and all the Facebook comment being ignored and deleted. Due to the facts that the shop itself is located over in Vietnam and Granado don’t have that many financial resources to go all the way there to sue them, they have decided to just make an announcement so everyone will know about this and not to buy from LuxDoll instead.

Accused Personal Facebook account

At the time of the writing, the accused Facebook Page, LuxDoll is being unpublished however the accused personal Facebook account is still active and it shows that he just graduated from a university over in UK. We will update with more information to come.

References: Official website annoucement

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