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We have just received the information that the Mini Dollfie Dream chosen to be re-released as part of the 20th Anniversary Best of the Best selection is Arle! The cute girl from the game franchise Puyopuyo was originally released as an MDD in April/May 2016 and has since become quite expensive and sought-after by collectors.

Arale was revealed as part of a Puyopuyo live event with the game producer, Mizuki Hosoyamada and the seiyuu of the series, showcasing the latest merchandise and giving updates regarding the franchise´s future.

Sneak peak of the doll during live stream

The rerelease, which will without a doubt be a highlight this year for many DD owners, will be part of the upcoming Dolls Party in Tokyo on the 14th December. Currently, it is unknown whether she will be available online, but the promotional pictures mention another sale in Sumika across the country on the 18th of January – which could also be the day of the After Event.

Full body shot

We are very excited to see Arle again, she has definitely captured our hearts ever since her first release and managed to become a very popular MDD sculpt. Will you take the chance and bring her home? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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