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Obitsu Showcase Event – Event Annoucement

Obitsu had just announced this year obitsu showcase event detail yesterday (20th May) and the detail of the event is as below.

Location : Azone Label Shop Akihabara

Peroid : 2019/6/1 (Saturday) to 2019/6/30 (Sunday)

Tentatively Azone planned to invite several faceup artist and show case their doll and clothes to be sold at the event itself. As for the one off lucky draw purchase for the doll released by the artistes the lucky draw entry time will be from 6/1 (Saturday) to 6/30 (Sunday). You can summit your application at Azone Label shop in Nagoya, Osaka and Ikebukuro via email. They will announce further more detail on this one off on their official Twitter account.

In conjunction of the Obitsu Showcase event, Azone will release the special edition of Umera Yuri (δΈŠζ‘η‘›η†). According to the website, they mentioned that they intented to give her a “marshmallow bunny” feels. The official naming of the doll will be “Marshmallow Usagi – Umera Yuri, Obitsu event limited model (Azone direct store release version)”

Below are the detail of the doll.
The set includes

Umera Yuri doll

One piece

Long Cardigan

Garter Stockings


Bunny ear headband

Baby doll


6 different type hand parts

Hairless cap

Tentative price will be : 15,000 yen (exclude tax)
Release date: 2019/6/1 (Saturday)
Selling method: First come first serve, store purchase only & limited stock.

In addition to that, if you purchase anything in Azone Label shop more than 3,000 yen (exclude tax) you are eligible to receive a free copy of Limited edition Marshmallow Usagi version Umera Yuki clear folder. First come first serve basis.

So what are you waiting for, grab your wallet and head to the store when the event day starts! Grab it while it is still in stock!

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