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Tenshi no Sumika in Fukuoka: Grand Reopening with Member-only Event

Volks just released the schedule for the “Renewal Opening Event” of the Tenshi no Sumika store in Fukuoka. This specific location has been closed to customers for quite a while – during that time the shop has not only been remodelled but was also moved within the building.

It now resides on the 4th floor of the Aeon building in Fukuoka.

To celebrate the re-opening of the store there will be three days of events, from November 2nd (Saturday) to 4th (Monday) this year. While all customers are welcome to visit on the 3rd and 4th, the first day of the celebrations will be invitation-only: Volks-Members who purchased goods from this location in the past will receive a special Invitation-letter in the mail which grants them access to the shop a day before the grand opening.

Schedule during the event day. Image uploaded and owned by volks.

Why would you want to come a day early? – why, dolls of course!

During pre-opening event there will be lucky draw sales of the HTD Kyoto 16 limited SD10 Lieselotte and Luna 20th anniversary dolls. In addition to that, there will be a lottery for Memorial One-Off Models, as well as sales of DDCoord and DearSD and a special photo-area for attendees to gather and take group-pictures of their Super Dollfie.

Information regarding limited FCS parts. Image uploaded and owned by volks.

As for the remainder of the event, some specifics are unclear based on the information we currently have. It seems they will announce the winners of the One-Off Models, as well as hold further sales DDCoord and DearSD. While the one-of-a-kind dolls for the event have yet to be shown on Volks´ social media, the available Dear SD include Kira, Shion , Aya and Nono, each priced at 65,000 yen excluding tax. Last but not least, some FCS parts which are usually limited to Tenshi no Sato will be made available for order at this location from the 3rd November to the end of this year. It seems the parts to be made available will be voted for by the attendees of the pre-opening event, therefore there is no specific list as of now.

We are particularly surprised about this sudden re-release of Luna and Lieselotte, albeit in a low quantity. Could they be extra-stock from the Dolpa this spring?

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