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Volks Announces “Volks WOW project” – new Online Shop and Information site

Volks has just announced a couple of changes and additions to their online presence on social media, summarized under the title “Volks WOW project”. The new website of the same name will combine information on Volks´ SD and DD lines with a specialized online shop only for dolls and related items.

First of all, the new website, currently named “Volks WOW project”, will aim to combine the available information about all Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfie series. This includes explanations on how to buy and care for the different types of Volks-made dolls, as well as the latest news and topics regarding SD and DD. The page will also be a source of information on all Sumika and other Volks-associated stores around Japan and their respective blogs.

Secondly, the Volks is planning on releasing a brand new online shop portal as part of the “Volks WOW” website. As of right now, all of the company´s products such as their garage kit-, figure- and doll lines are mixed together and sold via the Volks Official Webstore, making things especially confusing for new customers.

Volks INC now wishes to change this – announcing a new, separate online store specifically for all of their doll related products and services. Local customers will also be able to see which stores still carry specific items, as well as have the option to pick up their online-purchases at selected stores.

The name “WOW” was chosen as an acronym to describe the website´s main functions:

W(ebsite) – a new website for information
O(nline Store) – a new online store for doll-related goods
W (“double renewal”) – The Japanese pronunciation of the English letter “W” is often shortened to “double” – causing the letter to replace the English word in many Japanese media.

So all in all, while the first “W” and “O” stand for the information- and store parts of the new website respectively, the second “W” implies that BOTH, information site and store are renewed.

According to the official Facebook post, “Volks WOW project” will launch online on Nov.18, 2019.

Volks Facebook post
Volks Twitter post
Volks WOW introduction website

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