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Volks sculptor name trademarked by Chinese counterfeiter

Volks released a statement a few days ago regarding one of their staff, ” 圓句昭浩 / Akihiro Enku” name, the trademark is being registered in China region.

On the 8th of October, Volks released a multi-language statement regarding one of the issues regarding trademark registration in China. This problem is not limited to Volks only, several other companies are victims to these particular individuals.

According to the locals over in China the address given is fake.

What happened? According to the statement, the trademark “圓句昭浩 / Akihiro Enku” was being registered in the China region. And the person who registered the name is none other than “罗礼贵, Luo li Gui”. Here’s a brief history on who’s this guy. He’s infamous for mass-producing low quality and hazardous recast doll in the market and has trademark registered around 200+ doll company name in china region alone.

Looks like one, maybe taste like one but it’s not the original one.
Image courtesy of chinatravelblog

What can you do if you register a trademark in that region? You can use that brand as your own to do whatever business you wanted within that country as long as it is within the law. For example, using the brand that you have registered in that region, stamp it on the product that you have made and sell it off in that country itself. In addition to that, if the “original” company who owns that trademark in other country wanted to sell their product in that region, you can sue them for using “your” trademark that been registered to you. we sometimes refer them as “trademark trolls” as they don’t create the brand but instead, having the advantages of actually registered that trademark before the original owner do.

After a check with the trademark database in China, we confirmed that the name was being registered

Regarding this particular case. Who’s “圓句昭浩 / Akihiro Enku” and what does it matters to volks? To those who don’t know him, Akihiro Enku is being considered as one of the creators of the first sculptor for Super Dollfie. Volks worried that the culprit might use his name to release counterfeiter doll, selling it with cheaper price, poorer quality and sometimes might be hazardous to the consumer. This is considered a humiliation to Mr Akihiro Enku himself as it is his name which is being trademark registered in China.

List of local (china) and the overseas company which has their name registered under the same name

After a bit of research. There’s around more than 200+ trademark registered under the same person. And most of them are smaller factory or creator overseas (not within china). Those smaller creators have no such funds and energy to sue the troll in China courts so most of them announced the issue acknowledge it and hope that the consumer won’t buy it from him. But according to the statement released by volks, they are hoping to take this to the court over in China and we hope that they can win this battle.

To prevent yourself from purchase counterfeiters product made sure you take precautions before you purchase your items. Made sure you stay way from ali express, or suspicious websites that didn’t state where they ship their items from. Made sure you only buy from official resellers, dealer of the doll maker. Please do take note that there are official resellers for volks doll over in China, and that’s the safest way to purchase your doll from.

In conclusion. Volks mentioned about taking steps to made sure they take back the name and we sure hope that they will win. We will keep you updated if there are furthermore updates regarding these issues.

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