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Volks X Disney Princess – Rapunzel from Tangled Announced!

Volks has finally revealed their Disney Princess doll – and it ́s Rapunzel!

The collaboration with Disney had first been revealed to attendees of the Volks Dolls Party LA4 this September – with the teaser-image subsequently being shown on the company’s social media accounts.

Rapunzel will come on an SDGr girl body and cost 115,000yen excluding tax. What makes this doll special is that she comes in a completely new skin tone called “pinkish fair skin”. As the name suggests this will be a slightly altered PS normal, recently renamed to PS fair, with a more pink undertone.

Her wig with a length of 88cm is the longest one in Volks history, although its braided version from the movie that can be seen in some of Rapunzel ́s pictures seems to not be available for sale.

There are several sales methods for this release.

First Rapunzel will be sold via a separate lottery in the Volks Online Store with the entry period being November 24th to December 1st. During this period she will also be on display at Tenshi no Mado in Tokyo

Lottery results will be announced on the 6th December and local winners even have the option to Pick up their dolls in stores or while attending Dolls Party 42.

Finally, the doll will be available to fans a third time on the Japanese Disney online shop between December 28th and January 11th, but there is currently no information on whether that sale will be lottery-based.

We are very excited that there finally is a Disney-collaboration Super Dollfie which isn’t a one-of-a-kind auction model so more than one person will be able to welcome her. Rapunzel is definitely a great choice since Tangled has already become a Disney classic and enjoys great popularity with fans all over the world.

We wonder, could this be the start of a Disney line of dolls? This would surely excite not only Volks but also Disney fans – and leave their wallet in shambles!

What do you think about Rapunzel? Will you pass on this release or possibly make her your Christmas present to yourself?

Make sure to let us know in the comments!

Volks SD Rapunzel Official website

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