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Volks x Vocaloid Kimono sets Announced

Volks just announced two new furisode outfit sets matching DD Hatsune Miku and DD Kagamine Rin. Furisode is a variant of traditional Japanese Kimono, distinguished by its almost floor-length sleeves which make for a very elegant look. It is typically worn by girls and young women. Modelled by DD Kagamine Rin is a beautiful white/light green set called “Furisode set – Moegi” while DD Hatsune Miku presents the blue “Furisode set – Usuasagi” – “moegi” and “usuasagi” being the names of two traditional Japanese colors. Both outfits will be available for 13.000yen each at the December Dolpa in Tokyo but it’s currently unknown whether they will be part of the After Event.

Furisode set – Usuasagi
Furisode set – Moegi

We like how Volks chose to name the sets after the specific color they come in, instead of calling them “light green” and “light blue” – do you think they will keep the name when the outfits receive their official English names? What do you think of the sets, would you like to bring one home to get your DD dressed for the occasion?

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